simplifying secure Kubernetes cluster 

deployment, management and scaling

KubeOps Platform involves all the activities required to run, manage and maintain Kubernetes clusters in production environments, including our best practices, self-deployed tools and strategies. 

high level security

KubeOps Platform sets up your clusters with a strong focus on security. These clusters can be audited by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

In addition we take over the operational aspects of your cluster, providing managed service solutions when required.

KubeOps PLATFORM runs everywhere

KubeOps PLATFORM only requires an clean OS installation for its nodes to create and operate clusters through there complete life-cycle. KubeOps PLATFORM brings production ready K8s to all hypervisors and bare metal!

public cloud

IT infrastructure and services are accessible via internet.

private cloud

An exclusive cloud infrastructure available only to one organization, featuring enhanced security and control over data.


Kubernetes clusters are deployed on company-owned servers, e.g. in their own data centers.

The included features and tools are designed to simplify the deployment, management and scaling of Kubernetes clusters with a focus on high level security.






secured supply chain

Sourcing Software for your infrastructure is a critical attack surface. KubeOps PLATFORM binds your application into repeatable transferable artefacts. Stage from your laptop till production without worrying about the images you need to power your applications. Wherever you move they follow.


high availability

Ensuring continuous operations is one of our highest goals. Kubernetes is an amazing starting point for high availability, but still leaves some single points of failure. We address these issues, like remote image registries and standalone load balancers, with custom peer-to-peer systems. This allows for all your infrastructure to be as reliable as possible.



policy enforcement

Your infrastructure, your rules. Limit, modify and enhance all changes to your cloud with state-of-the-art policy enforcement. 



logging and monitoring

KubeOps PLATFORM gives you the capability to centralize all relevant information about your infrastructure and application. Monitoring them continuously and alerting you, however you choose.




All products we provide undergo a multistage security examination. And are continuously monitored for the latest vulnerabilities. Most publicly available packages contain critical vulnerabilities that endanger your systems of not removed before integrating them.


multi networking

The capability to deploy multiple networks side by side in the same cluster allows for increased security measures and simple zero downtime migration to other network plugins.

automatic setup

Repeatable and easy setup allows you to manage your clusters with infrastructure as code. Build your KubeOps PLATFORM cluster from the OS layer with everything you need and configured however you like.


integrated storage

Most real-world applications require persistent storage that is fast and reliable. Integrated storage allows us to provide a fantastic cloud native storage solution out of the box. Production ready management for file, block and object storage with the flick of a switch.

backup and restore

A complete backup solution is a must have for operating a stateful infrastructure. Enables all the Kubernetes objects you rely on to be securely stored in an object store of your choice.


Open Policy Agent




cert manager


KubeOps KOSI

Red hat

get started!

KubeOps PLATFORM is committed to providing the best Kubernetes solution on the market with continuous updates, improvements and support. 

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us for any question that is not answered yet. 

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